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Public Sessions

Our Public sessions, designed to maximize the manager's learning experience and ROI.

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In-House Sessions

Our In-house sessions, designed to maximize existing corporate systems with our Blueprints training.

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Online Education

Our On-line Distant Learning Program, designed for existing clients with managers/ supervisors in remote locations.

This ensures that your entire company team has access to the same Blueprints.

Below is an example of one of our 50 plus online modules on the topic of Hiring Success for Managers.

Producing Measurable Results for Our Customers

Nearly 70% of workers who quit a job, quit because of their manager!

With employee turn-over costing anywhere from 2-5 times as much as the salary in question, no wonder why so many companies turn to our Blueprints for Managers Course to develop their managers.

According to the book "The Loyalty Effect" by Frederick Reichheld, If our training helps your managers to retain only 5% more of your existing employees and customers, your bottom line profits can increase anywhere from 25% to 125% depending on your industry. Even a small decrease in your turn-over will more than pay for the costs of our training.

Providing a Long-Term Return on Your Investment

More Testimonials:

" I got promoted because i was really good at doing my job, but I didn't really know anything about supervising people. Blueprints for Managers gave me the tools and confidence to lead our team to better results. I am grateful that my boss though enough about me to invest in this wonderful program."

H.N. - Manager, Constuction

"I want to thank the Blueprints for Managers Course for giving me the resources to do my job better. I found myself under a lot of stress as a new manager, mainly because I didn't know how to manage and lead people."

R.B - Supervisor, Supply Company

"Being a manager gets much easier when you are properly trained."

D.G. - Ops Manager, Machine Shop

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