Blueprints for Managers

Blueprints to Manage, Lead, Grow, and Protect Your Organization. ™

Northwest United States

Flexible Training

We offer public or in house training sessions, as well as distance learning for remote locations.

Ongoing Resources & Accountability

We provide three methods of accountability and an online portal to maximize ROI.

Risk-Free Test Drive

With our no obligation test drive you can invest in training with minimal risk.

Providing Managers With the Tools They Need

Our training courses give a unique and comprehensive approach to developing your managers and supervisors. We provide the foundation, strategies and tactics to better Manage, Lead, Grow and Protect Your Organization.

We had a dozen people go through Dave’s training in 2010. We’ve got an additional nine people going through Dave’s training this year. The thing that we’ve noticed with the training that we’ve received is it’s helped to integrate us together as managers in a more professional way. It’s helped us to work together better, it’s helped us to resolve problems better, and focus on the needs of our customers better. We appreciate all that Dave’s done for us, and we appreciate the training that we’ve received.

Craig Parker

CFO, Idaho Steel Products

Managers - Manage Their Department

A manager who cannot MANAGE his/her department is costing the company bottom-line profits. A manager must have the tools, training and blueprints to run his/her department at a peak performance.

Hiring, firing, and keeping the right people in the right position, executing and measuring the right activities is vital to the success of any manager.

Managers - Lead Their People

Without the proper leadership, a manager will fail to lead his/her people to higher performance.

A manager must have the right tools, training and Blueprints to properly LEAD his/her people, or their department will suffer.

"Leadership is an army you have to enlist in. You cannot get drafted into leadership, but you can get drafted into management"

Rayona Sharpnack

Managers - Grow The Organization

A manager needs to know, understand, communicate and execute the key drivers that are important to the growth of the bottom-line profits of your organization.

A manager must have the tools, training and Blueprints to GROW the organization by taking a lifetime customer approach to all customers, internal and external.

Managers - Protect Their Organization

A manager needs to know, understand, communicate and execute the 12 danger zones of a manager in order to decrease liabilities.

A Manager must have the tools, training and Blueprints to legally PROTECT your career and your organization.